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Analytics Partner of Choice: From Ideation to Implementation

Leveraging Analytics for actionable insights has become the key driver for most businesses to differentiate themselves in the marketplace for business growth. The challenge is, with the market crowded with a plethora of products and technologies, one misses out on business outcomes and often gets lost in jargons and ideation while competition surges ahead.

TCG Digital is focussed on solving complex business problems through an inter-disciplinary approach, leveraging domain knowledge, technology skills, advanced statistical algorithms & machine learning tools and leading engineering practices, thus driving value for our client organizations.

Empowered by our award winning end to end analytics platform “tcg mcube”, we deliver business results in quick time and accelerate user adoption to drive success of enterprise implementations. tcg mcube can align to the “äs-is” analytics maturity of an enterprise and evolve as your organization scales up the analytics maturity curve.

We cover the entire decision analytics value chain and accelerate time-to-insight with our Analytics services and solutions. In the process,you realize the potential of new age data science around Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics and achieve practical business outcomes that matter for your business today and a future proof tomorrow.

Our intellectual capital, intellectual property and a consultative and collaborative approach enables us to walk your analytics roadmap with you. We enable you to achieve success by empowering your team to leverage data for tangible business outcomes and data driven decision making from ideation to successful implementation in a scalable and sustainable manner.

The 360-degree analytics approach focusses on identifying specific business use cases based on industry trends and implementing them leveraging a team of analysts, data scientists and an award winning end to end analytics platform – tcg mcube.

We have built a team with professionals from top consulting organizations, young talent from top universities and industry subject matter experts across sectors. You work with a winning combination of top end consultants, data scientists and domain specialists who combine engineering, mathematical & data science expertise and domain knowledge to provide scalable and “best-fit” business solutions in an agile and synergetic manner.

Let's collaborate on this exciting journey in Analytics together with TCG Digital


Our Consultants, Data Engineers and Data Artists collaborate to create a perfect blend of cutting edge ideas, design-sensibility, user-needs & technological feasibility to facilitate decision-making with reports, dashboards and alerts. Our technology expertise spans Tableau, Business Objects, Microsoft SSRS, Advanced Excel and our proprietary platform tcg mcube


Our team of Analytics Consultants and Data Scientists collaborate to build predictive and prescriptive solutions for our clients, facilitating proactive data-driven decision making. Our technology expertise spans R, SAS, SPSS, DBLytix, Python, custom solutions using .NET, Java and our proprietary platform tcg mcube.


Our highly experienced Operations Research professionals deploy advanced analytics tools and techniques coupled with deep domain expertise to solve complex optimization problems pertaining to different business lines.Our technology expertise spans R, SAS, MATLAB, LINDO, C-PLEX


Our Data Engineers extract data from diverse sources within and outside the organization to build a central data repository, which serves as the single source of truth for the organization. Our technology expertise spans Experience in Microsoft SSIS, Oracle ODI, Pentaho, Informatica, DataStage, and Ab Initio


The quality of data drives the effectiveness of any data driven solutions. Our Data Consultants work with you to evaluate your data quality based on certain key dimensions and pave the way for better data quality governance. Our expertise spans MSDQ, Talend, statistical algorithms, rule based cleansing, and manual cleansing methods


Our team of data engineers work with unstructured databases such as Hadoop and MongoDB and drive solutions that derive rapid insights from large unstructured datasets. We have experience in various unstructured and big data technologies such as Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cloudera, Cassandra, ServiceNow, NoSQL