TCG Digital has continuously and consistently invested in select partners and future-proof technologies. Our strategy is to drive the digital world of tomorrow and one such technology which is an integral is "blockchain" that some suggest in the digital world is the " internet of loyalty". Definitions for blockchain are evolving. Some say it's the single source of truth for financial and non-financial transactions. Some suggest it's like the internet of loyalty. Others simply refer to it as a game changer in the financial industry.

We partnered with New York-based Loyyal (, the first universal loyalty and rewards platform to use blockchain and smart contract technology. Analysts say this system will transform the way loyalty programs and transactions are applied in the industry. TCG Digital's deep capabilities in analytics and integration give us an edge. By incorporating our enterprise grade hyper-scaling Business Intelligence and Analytics platform, tcg mcube, we outperform the competition. Our tcg mcube is leveraged for visualization and precision analytics. It drives a new paradigm in loyalty programs.

As per MarketWatch, our partnership will disrupt the multi-billion dollar high growth Loyalty and Rewards industry using the combined power of Blockchain technology and precision analytics.

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