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Email Campaign Analysis

The solution facilitates the tracking and counting of emails sent and opened during a specified period (week, fortnight, month, quarter, etc), summarizing the count of emails bounced and their details. Reporting is available at various comparison cuts like merchants, transaction types (POS, ATM, E-commerce Channel, Net Transfer, etc.), and Product Types.


Wallet, Portfolio Analysis

The solution provides the following insights on wallet and portfolio analysis:

  1. Tracks customer response for Debit Cards for a given month (with respect to the preceding month)
  2. Tracks the monthly average ticket size that is derived using the ratio - Total Amount of Transaction/ Total Number of Transactions
  3. Analyses customers who are active users of Debit Cards, Ecommerce Channel and Credit Cards
  4. Analyses the following comparison cuts - merchants, transaction types (POS, ATM, Ecommerce Channel, Net Transfer, etc.), and Product Types


Credit Card Campaign Analysis

The solution provides the following insights:

  1. Tracks the effect of various campaigns as compared to the preceding month
  2. Obtains the impact of various campaigns on certain categories of customers

Analyse Links Between the Usage of Different Cards and Demographics

The solution provides the following insights:

  1. Identifies and reports links between the usage of debit cards and demographics like zonal, RBI Classification (Metropolitan/Urban/Semi Urban/Rural), City, Gender, Age
  2. Analyses the following comparison cuts: Merchants, Transaction Types (POS/ATM/E-commerce Transaction/Net Banking), Product types

Behavioural Tracking of Customers

The solution provides the following insights:

  1. Tracks the behavioural pattern of customers on Debit Cards for Online and Point of Sales Transactions for various months
  2. Reports daily month-on-month trend for total number of customers and their spend (across the different months)
  3. Identifies patterns of customers' total spend on weekdays vs weekends

Campaign Reach Analysis

The solution provides the following insights:

  1. Tracks the overall Campaign reach to customers for individual channels
  2. Analyses the following comparison cuts - Channels (ATM/Email/NET/SMS) and Customer segments
  3. Detailed deep dive analysis for the Managed Customers

Campaign Performance Analysis

The solution provides the following insights:

  1. Tracks Email Channel wise conversion rate and their incremental spend compared to previous 30 days and highlights the low performing campaigns for Debit Card
  2. Drill down to Segment level in order to identify the reason of the fall in campaign performance
  3. Finds the weekly trend of activation of customers for Debit Card after a campaign has been launched
  4. Provides insights and finds the month-on-month performance of Campaigns of similar nature taken together for selected products (Metrics compared Email Open and Click % and Display-Non Display Ratio(

Benchmarking Analysis

The solution provides the following insights:

  1. Sets benchmarks of Display % and Click % in ATM and NET Banking for the next financial year (based on the historical data of the preceding financial year)
  2. Benchmarks are computed using median, weighted average, and other statistical measures of central tendency as and when applicable

Trend Analysis for Direct Banking Channels

The solution helps to analyse the portfolio for the Direct Banking Channels like Net Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, etc. over the previous six months and identify whether there are certain peaks and valleys over time.


Time Series Analysis for Business Forecasting

The solution provides forecasting for different product groups to find the required rate of lead generation for achieving targets for campaigns and also compares the actual vs predicted rates.


Data Warehouse, Modelling, Reporting Analytical Consortia Based Solution for Financial Institutions

The solution integrates heterogeneous data from multiple financial institutions for each of their varied line of business into a data warehouse. This enables a uniform structure for financial decision support and regulatory reporting/dashboarding. Currently, our team supports and manages a4 petabyte financial services data-warehouse. The solution generates regulatory and analytics reports from the integrated Financial Data Warehouse. This includes implementing complex logic required in reporting regulatory figures (e.g. NSFR, LCR) in the hierarchical structure required by federal regulatory authorities, EBA and BASEL. The analytic reports cover analysis of pricing, marketing effectiveness, customer loyalty, underwriting criteria, dynamic pricing, loss and rewards cost provisioning etc.