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We solve complex business problems with our products, solutions and services leveraging modern technologies and deep expertise in analytics, mobility , cyber security and digital sourcing


Accelerating time-to-insights across the decision analytics value chain


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Analytics Platform

Analytics for today and tomorrow built on modern technologies, with pre-built industry specific algorithms, and used for solving complex business problems , thus accelerating time-to-insights


Shrink IT . Go Digital


Analytics : Data-driven decision-making drives profitability, and it optimizes the cost of operations. TCG Digital brings together Analytics of today and tomorrow that is built on state of the art technology, algorithms and helps you solve critical business problems enabled by our own end-to-end analytics platform "tcg mcube" and a portfolio of sector specific business solutions..Read More

Blockchain : TCG Digital has continuously and consistently invested in select partners and future-proof technologies. Our strategy is to drive towards the digital world of tomorrow and one such technology which is an integral component is the "blockchain" that some suggest is the "internet of loyalty" of the digital world ..Read More

Cloud : TCG Digital offers architecture consulting and design-build services in the Cloud Application space. Cloud platforms free organizations from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures and help move from Capex to Opex. The focus is on business solutions and our cloud-related services help our clients take advantage of the growing ecosystem of private and public cloud platform providers. We assist in migrating existing applications to the cloud. TCG Digital works with leading PaaS providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, Google, and others ..Read More

Mobility : Enterprise Mobility has become one of the critical business imperatives to keep any enterprise competitive in today's smart phone enabled world. We offer a portfolio of mobility solutions and services from strategy to implementation for enterprises ensuring agility, leveraging existing investment and providing business value ..Read More

Cyber Security : TCG Digital provides enterprises with customized and cost-effective information security solutions and services that are both technical and strategic. With certified experts and security analysts in the team, we provide end to end consulting and cyber security solutions and services. Our partnerships with leading OEMs enable us maximize value for our clients. We also have a commercially available state-of-the-art hybrid cyber range (one of very few globally) for testing cyber-security products, network resiliency and capacity building..Read More

Application Development : TCG Digital has managed value added Offshore Knowledge Centres (OKCs) for large and mid-sized product companies and enterprises for many years. Our Application Lifecycle Management Services (ALMS) offer custom application development, maintenance and support of packaged, legacy, in-house developed, and modern technology business systems. Solutions are delivered in-premise and/or on the cloud ..Read More

Content Management : Our Enterprise Content Management and Portal Centre of Excellence is perfectly attuned to help you deal intelligently with the enormous content of your enterprise. With skills across technology platforms and tools, we help our clients empower their internal and external users with structured and easily accessible content for the enterprise ..Read More


Future isn't about mobile; its about mobility


TCG Digital has been a front runner in providing cutting edge enterprise mobility solutions for the past 8 years even before the term "mobility" became an integral part of digital transformations. We have empowered businesses globally and at regional and national levels to leverage mobile technology to run mission critical mobile enablement programs. We can help devise end-to-end enterprise mobile strategy with proven IP and readily deployable business solutions for Insurance, Banking, Sales automation, Issue tracking and Employee collaboration among others ..Read More