Building the Digital Airport of tomorrow

TCG Digital is associated with creating history in airport technology. That began when we implemented the messaging middleware at one of the largest airports in the world while they were preparing for hosting the Olympics in their city.

TCG Digital's expertise is enhanced by having worked with multiple global airlines (the airport's customers). Our breadth of self-service applications, implemented in over 270 airports worldwide, also broadens our scope. As a result, we offer numerous capabilities with packaged solutions to automate and to increase operational efficiencies for small, mid-sized, and large airports.


Leverage domain understanding for business analysis and consulting. We provide an assessment of "AS-IS" business processes and the IT landscape to create a roadmap for a "TO-BE" Digital Airport.

Develop and implement custom applications for airport operational efficiency.

Innovate data-driven, digital transformation initiatives leveraging data scientists, SMEs and best in class IP to measure, monitor, and manage top-line and bottom-line.

Customer Experience Analytics at all touch-points, driven by Data Science and Analytics.

Enhance, customize, and support Departure Control Systems.



Client Profile TCG Digital Value Add    
Regional Airport in SE Asia
  • Consulting for business process and IT roadmap
  • Gap assessment from "AS-IS" to "TO-BE" vision based on industry best practices
Two of the largest airports in Asia Pacific
  • Central Integrated Information Messaging Switch
  • Operations Monitoring and Management System
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Emergency Control System
Largest National Airport Authority in India
  • Provide Managed Services Support –Operations and Management Support of ensuring successful EDI Data exchange for Integrated Cargo Management System
Multiple airports across North America
  • Development, Implementation and Maintenance of Self Service Check-In Kiosk Application and Self Bag Drop Application across airports
  • Operations management visualisation
  • Airport Resource Management
  • Gate Assignment

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