TCG Digital was incorporated in 1999 as a joint venture between United Airlines and multi-industry global entity, The Chatterjee Group (TCG). Brand TCG Digital is now wholly owned by TCG with United as one of its marquee customers.

TCG Digital serves the travel, transportation and logistics industry with niche expertise in the aviation sector delivering analytics-driven IT products and solutions.

TCG Digital's robust and flexible operating model enables it to work with both Low Cost Carriers as well as Full Service Carriers that have different business models and scale of operations. TCG Digital's extensive experience, domain knowledge and capabilities, built over a period of over 15 years working with marquee clientele spread across continents, helps it deliver value as a consulting partner enabling customers to stand out in the highly competitive aviation marketplace.

TCG Digital brings together a blend of capabilities across mission critical aviation industry application areas like reservation system, planning and scheduling, cargo management, revenue management and accounting, as well as cross-industry emerging technologies like Big Data/ Social Media Analytics, mobility/m-commerce, SOA/enterprise application integration and cloud computing.


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Airline leaders choose us to help them simplify processes; work better and differently across mission critical business areas.

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Helping clients to achieve their business objectives by leveraging technology, business knowledge and extensive reusable assets.

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Consulting Services

Customized end-to-end services, to help the aviation industry adapt and reorient its business processes to stay competitive.

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Solutions and Framework

An enabler and a strategic partner with solutions and frameworks that lend scalability and flexibility in a cost effective manner.

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A key differentiator of our global delivery model is our "Offshore Knowledge Centers". We engage with our clients as a strategic partner.

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TCG Digital has extensive experience in working with GDS/PSS Systems like Apollo, Galileo, Sabre,SHARES, Amadeus, Navitaire, RADIXX etc. TCG Digital has driven initiatives, developed and implemented solutions across the key areas of Reservations and Ticketing.Our frontline projects include an Internet Booking Engine with advanced features like a robust fare-shopping engine and call centre based reservations. Speech Recognition Unit that is connected to our client's Reservation System and provides an agent-less telephone access to a variety of information for its employees.

DCS solution developed by TCG Digital provides various services at the airport such as passenger check in, ticketing and itinerary change, issuing accommodation vouchers, seat change,selling ancillary products like upgrade and upspsell, award accelerator and Gate Control. These services are handled at airport lobbies and boarding gates, interacting with GDS like Sabre and Shares, Apollo etc, as a part of core airport operations.

TCG Digital has extensive experience in maintainance enhancements and migration of HOST systems migration from APOLLO to SHARES, pertaining to interline e-ticket, teletype messages, PNR, Through Check In, Frequent Flyer, Employee Travel etc.
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TCG Digital has rich experience in developing and maintaining Revenue Management applications. We support and enhance the Revenue Management application of one of the largest airlines in the world and developed solution for demand forecasting and commercial budgeting for a leading Middle East based low cost airline and have gained vast knowledge in doing so, which can be leveraged not only in enhancing the existing applications but also in designing and developing new ones.

TCG Digital has helped airlines maximize revenues by

  • Generation of path-based demand forecasts
  • Maintaining huge assortment of data that can be useful in forecasting demand
  • Setting optimized budgeting for the commercial department
  • System to monitor Budgets, Forecast, Forward Booking, Flown data and Availability and compare the data enabling sales team to take corrective actions where appropriate, thus impacting revenue potential of the organization
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TCG Digital's Interline Revenue Accounting solutions significantly reduce revenue leakage and improve efficiency by enhancing an airline's existing revenue accounting system and redesigning the supporting business processes. We have worked with an ISV and developed a web-based accounting application that addresses a new set of functionalities besides those of their existing system. We also maintain the entire Revenue Accounting System of a major airline. This addresses the key applications that register and process all accounting events that occur in the life cycle of a passenger ticket generation.

TCG Digital's expertise includes seamless transition from United Airline's Unimatic system to Sabre Flywise without impacting the airlines operational processes across the entire network. Rapid processing of Type-B messages, communication through XML formats, intermediate rule engine at different control nodes are some of the niche competencies exhibited during implementation of the solution that integrates functional modules like ACARS and ATC messaging, Weight & Balance, FLIFO, DIL/Log, MEL, Post Flight Ops, EDW, AODB, Crew on Board as well as Emergency System.
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An UI based application for displaying load distribution information regarding Fuel. Cargo, Passenger counts for each flight prior to departure. Customized views and easy navigation for Load Planners, Supervisors, Dispatchers and Admins based on forecasted load, published flight plan and real-time updates (Addition and removal of weights, viz, Mails, Cargo, Fuel) make the application business friendly. This is developed for a largest airline in the world.
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Air cargo movement needs to be fast, safe, secure, reliable and cost effective. TCG Digital has extensive experience in providing solutions for pricing, tracking and freight service solution to meet the challenges of cargo carrying airlines and cargo ground handling companies.
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The airport resource management applications developed by TCG Digital are having easy-to-use web-based interfaces for resource planning (both manpower and equipment) and scheduling for different ramp services to enable faster, smarter manpower allocation decisions leading to a reduction in costs. The major functionality being Flight View module, Roster Management, Real-time Event processing, Apron Management System, Passenger Handling System, Transit Service Administration, Vehicle Management System, Back-office End-of-Day process and Reporting.
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TCG Digital's Gate Assignment solution has flavours of having online and offline modes of operation. The solution is capable to handle situations like Gate Changes, Flight Cancellation, Flight Diversion, Shuttle Delays along with different reports and type-outs, configuration option for flight, zone etc and corresponding maintenance schedules.

Besides automation and standardization, TCG Digital has developed baggage management solution which provides other value-added services to customers and also brings down the baggage mishap cost by appropriate tracing mechanism. It also enables real-time planeside decision-making, aircraft closeout dynamic resource assignment and cross-utilization of ramp resources. Major modules of the solution are Baggage Messaging Gateway, Baggage System Interfaces, Ramp mobility and Assignment Management, Managing mishandled baggage, field bags, Bag on hand, FTY etc.
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TCG Digital has designed, developed and maintained sophisticated MRO solutions for one of the largest airlines in the world. MRO solutions cover the entire gamut of processes to facilitate the airlines to create an integrated environment to plan and schedule maintenance, track parts, inventory and parts location, maintain technical records systems and more in order to shorten planning of aircraft maintenance, optimize task, resource & material, maintain just right inventory level, reduce operational cost, and increase profitability.

Material Management

Materials Management System developed by TCG Digital is used by leading airlines to maintain over a Billion Dollars worth of inventory of spares required for hundreds Aircrafts. TCG Digital have successfully developed system to controls the inventory of spares at base stations and other line stations, and identifies serviceable parts based on cost of parts and maintenance cost distribution and transfer of spares across base and line stations

Maintenance & Engineering

TCG Digital developed tools for a largest airline to comply with the legal and internal requirements of managing and controlling maintenance work accomplished on aircrafts for reporting, collecting, monitoring and managing all aircraft maintenance including engine maintenance activities throughout the airlines organization system.
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Part Tracking and Reliability

TCG Digital have provided solutions to handle the inventory and tracking of the airplane spare parts throughout the life cycle, global tracking of parts within Airlines with simpler and faster tracking and more detailed and accurate information so that part availability (serialized and non-serialized) is highly visible and accurate inventory information can be obtained for better planning, record, track and extract all part, unit and repair related information.
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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

TCG Digital developed solution to create and modify aircraft maintenance schedules for the users located in the various maintenance bases, the schedule is then disseminated by other the MRO applications.

TCG Digital has successfully developed, enhanced and maintained the loyalty systems of large international airlines. We have built a web-based administration tool to support the loyalty application of our premier client. TCG Digital has successfully developed a solution for client's loyalty club on OfBiz platform that creates highly reusable services on top of an open source framework. Leveraging our domain and technical expertise gathered over years working with Loyalty Systems and various interfaces involved, we have built a Frequent Flyer Solution that can be integrated with an airlines reservation system. The solution supports member and partner airlines for accrual and redemption of mileage points and the same can easily be extended to non-airline partners.
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Corporate Safety

The Aviation Safety & Security group of TCG Digital has implemented an access controlled based secure repository of various confidential documents (some Word documents, some Excel spreadsheets, some PowerPoint presentations, some PDF files, etc.) accessible and modifiable in real-time through a web-based interface. This includes Aviation Safety Awareness Program that consists of Dispatch Safety Awareness Program, Flight Safety Awareness Program and Mechanics Safety Awareness Program.

Quality Assurance

The spare engine allocation mathematical model developed by TCG Digital helps inventory planners and business units to evaluate system performance under any spare ownership. It also recommends the optimal policy that minimizes the total system cost by using an optimization routine to evaluate each policy, where system behavior under a policy is formulated as a queuing model.



  • ASP
  • MVC Framework
  • Silver light
  • SharePoint
  • Jquery
  • Java Script
  • Responsive Design

Application Layer

  • Visual Basic,
  • Visual C++
  • C#.NET
  • VB.NET
  • C
  • SharePoint
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • WWF
  • Nhibernate
  • Win Mobile ,CE

Data Layer

  • ADO
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • My SQL

App & Web Server

  • IIS
  • Windows Servers
  • MOSS
  • Exchange
  • MSMQ

Utility & Tools

  • Visual Studio Ultimate
  • TFS
  • Test Manager
  • MOSS,Share Point
  • MSBI
  • SSRS

Design & Testing

  • VS Performance Analysis
  • VS Test Suite
  • Rational Rose
  • MS Visio
  • Silk Test
  • Jmeter
  • QTP

Source control

  • TFS
  • MS-VSS
  • Perforce


  • LDAP
  • Window Active Directory
  • SSL
  • AES,3DES

TCG Digital's EAI practice includes inhouse EAI tools and other vendor products helps to establish a common messaging layer furnishing the requirement of the common facade for disparate system for data communication. The practice covers the entire gamut of application integration challenges and solutions with industry standard patterns and practices.

TCG Digital CRM Epiphany expertise has made it the preferred, offshore CRM vendor for a world leader in industrial compressors. Our Center of CRM Excellence helped implement and maintain the following CRM functional modules/areas:

Campaign Management: Implementation of closed loop campaign management process for Emailers and Internationalization of Campaigns.

Analytics: Schematic Design & re-engineering, Data warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Services: Customization and Implementation.

The Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics capability at TCG Digital help meet organization's tactical and strategic needs addressing key development, integration & adoption challenges in this space. The Practice has a strong foundation in technology consulting, high-quality, scalable Business Intelligence solution and data warehousing solution with the help of proven methodologies and frameworks, point solutions and accelerators. Read moreon our Analytics product mcube

Out data Warehouse solutions allow you to access analyze and share data from disparate sources; data silos are broken down and made accessible. Our practice ensures the availability of business-critical information. We have proven BI track record through a number of successful Business Intelligence and Data warehousing projects, representing over many years of delivered effort, we have gained in-depth BI expertise that spans domain knowledge, methodology, technology and tools. Our approach relies upon informed vision, efficient development, effective implementation and superior maintenance.

Mobility Solution

Wireless Edge (Wedge) is a new generation, service-based platform that transparently integrates back-end enterprise information with the mobile world. Wedge can bring together the enterprise and its stakeholders. Anytime. Anywhere.


  • Instant Message (Voice, Text, Image, Biometric) Broadcasts to people across the globe
  • Seamless Bi-directional Integrations with back-end Information Systems for data aggregation and dissemination
  • Single channel for information exchange

Solutions Portfolio

  • Complaint Management
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Sales Information Management
  • Logistic Management
  • E-Auction and Trading
  • Enterprise Directory Services
  • Postal Delivery

Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) is a proprietary legacy system, which is the preferred technology for many an airline for their Passenger Service System (PSS) due to its robustness and real time response. In this day and age of evolving and fast changing technology, nurturing this niche technology skill set is a challenge.

TCG Digital is one of the few companies, which has over the years developed a TPF Competency Centre and has been able to sustain the same, with the help of a well-established operating process. Success story of TCG Digital's TPF Practice is due to its rich pool of resources having sound technical and domain expertise.

With help of these resources, TCG Digital has through one or many of the following services, catered to the TPF related IT needs of the aviation industry.

  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Application Testing
  • Consulting and Training

With over 1000+ person months of experience in TPF space, TCG Digital has followed both onsite and ODC business models to provide TPF related services to renowned airlines across Americas and Europe.

Content Management Systems

TCG's Content Management & Portal Centre of Excellence is perfectly poised to meet the portal development requirements of your organization with its rich experience in Websites, Portals, Content Management Systems and Intranet development. TCG has a strong resource base of open source technologies.

Solutions Portfolio

Content Management Systems

  • Usability Design
  • Web Maintenance
  • Msite Design
  • On-Site Consulting
  • Portal Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Advertisement Design
  • SEO & SEM Service
  • Redesign Website
  • Mcommerce Design
  • Web Communication Kit
  • Social Media Integration

Portal Development

  • Design and Development of Websites, Portals
  • Redesign of existing Websites, Portals


  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • RSS Feeds
  • Discussion Forums
  • People Search
  • Intranet & Internet Portals

Implementation and support

  • Installation and configuration of server farm(s)
  • Portal Administration
  • Configuration of Backup and Restore
  • Content Database Management
  • Security Setup
  • Portal Upgrades

UX Design


UX is when Science meets Art. App ideas and concepts, sketches, wireframes are given form and turned into functional and aesthetic visual interfaces for the web, iOS, Android and Windows. Websites and applications, be it informative corporate websites, ecommerce portals or large CRM based systems, are managed and maintained effectively and efficiently.

Our Interaction design service creates a simple clickable prototype whether it be for a brand new application or to make an existing one more user-friendly.

Information Architecture creates the right framework for a great web or mobile app.

Ethnographic study & research helps create a bespoke design best suited to meet your objectives.

We become a member of your team to understand your needs and work with you to develop and implement in-house projects.

Interaction design & prototyping

Information Architecture

Ethnographic research

Working on site with your team

Our Services for following area:

  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Information architecture & workflow definition
  • Web Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Enterprise Content Management

Consulting Services

TCG Digital provides IT Consultancy in the aviation domain. These Consultancy engagements are either independent assignments or part of a project. Focus is on reducing turnaround time, cost and improving efficiency of business and IT operations. These objectives are achieved through one or many of the following services, which form part of our Consulting Practice to the Aviation Industry.

  • Driving IT-Strategic alignment with business
  • Evaluating the IT topography
  • Identifying challenges and gaps against industry best practices
  • Developing IT implementation road map to bridge the gap and to increase operational efficiency
  • Providing recommendation for innovation
  • Recommending and Implementing systems on time and within budget suggesting adoption of best practices
  • Negotiating Contracts and Coordinating with various Service Providers, External Agencies for implementation

TCG Digital and its teams of highly qualified industry professionals with in-depth domain expertise have provided Consultancy Services to many reputed airlines across the globe with proven results.

Solutions and Framework

The Airline Industry is susceptible to many factors that impact its costs and revenue, and keeping abreast of the changing market dynamics is absolutely crucial. It is therefore of paramount importance to have better control on internal factors that impact costs. One such area is non-revenue booking engines, popularly known as Employee Travel Management Systems, which have rules that govern travel and discounts and help to effectively measure, monitor and manage travel by employees.

  • Travel booking
  • Rule Engine
  • Multi Lingual Support
  • Reporting
  • Booking Management
  • Seamless Integration with Disparate Systems
  • Load Status Display
  • Multiple Forms of Payments (FOP)
  • Approval Workflow

Modern airports are like mini cities - thousands of staff managing hundreds of functions and resources. Airports face tough challenges in ensuring smooth operations everyday, and at the same time reduce operational costs and improve productivity. This makes it important for automation solutions to be modular, scalable and does not involve any significant investment to generate ROI.
An airport automation suite has to meet different needs based on airport size, the volume of traffic it handles and the amount of revenue it generates.

Components of SkyAITOPS
  • Airport Operations Database(AODB)
  • Middleware Messaging Backbone (SkyFUSION)
  • Schedule Management System (SMS)
  • Flight Information Management System (FIMS)
  • Contract Management System (CMS)
  • Airport Billing System (ABS)
  • Flight Information Display (FIDS)
  • Airport Dashboard

SkyFUSION is a middleware solution for Enterprise Information Integration (EII) with a built-in rules engine that helps the enterprise adopt flexible rules during system integration. SkyFUSION helps to integrate disparate systems from legacy mainframe based applications to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems. The framework provides the flexibility to configure the information integration process as per organizational needs.

SkyFUSION is a lightweight and high performance Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework developed by TCG Digital to address all of the following business scenarios:

  • Is your business growing rapidly, requiring you to support disparate systems?
  • Do you want to manage performance better, but don't have access to an integrated view of performance metrics?
  • Do you need to optimize business investments in existing systems?
  • Are you looking for a cost- effective middleware solution, which can integrate your disparate business systems?

SkyFUSION offers :

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Built-in business activity monitoring dashboard
  • Rule based data transformation
  • Automated data healing capability
  • Externalized business validation through rule engine implementation
  • Business rules managed by business users with no dependency on the programmer
  • On-demand data transformation through configuration changes

Technology used:

  • Platform: Linux / Windows / Unix
  • Rule Engine: Drool
  • App Server: JBoss
  • Web Server: Tomcat, JBoss
  • Service Bus: MULE ESB
  • Database: MySQL


One of the key differentiators of our global delivery model is our "Offshore Knowledge Centers". TCG Digital has successfully run various models of multi-year small and large OKCs for legacy Airline and LCC. TCG Digital believes in investing in People, Customized Process Framework, Infrastructure and Training rather than focus on outsourcing engagements. We dont want to be just technology providers to our clients; TCG Digital wants to engage with our clients as a strategic partner and help script success stories.