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Advanced Analytics Certification

Get Certified in Advanced Analytics !!!

The world of Advanced Analytics brings in immense potential for a professional to add value to clients, his organization and accelerate business growth. With everyone aiming to ride this wave, its extremely critical to nurture differentiating capabilities in applying data science to deliver tangible business outcomes.

TCG Digital offers a 5-day comprehensive program to help you gain experience on how to transform data for roles such as data scientist, analysts & developers.

The program shall help you to run various algorithms using languages like Spark R, PySpark and use powerful libraries like MiLib, H2O to uncover the patterns within the data and compare the results through impactful visualizations, to unlock key business value.

Why enrol for TCG Digital's Advanced Analytics Program?

Gain insights from our deep experience in delivering value with application of advanced data science across industries like retail, utilities, financial services, aviation and manufacturing.

Experience a new-age, future proof enterprise analytics platform being adopted by leading enterprises leveraging modern technology which helps you stay relevant in this fast changing and dynamic analytics environment

TCG Digital's program will enhance your ability to translate your knowledge to practical hands-on implementations of data science with an understanding of specific industry use cases, critical success factors that define analytics success stories and lay the foundation for continuous innovation. 

If you are or aspire to be an analytics leader, these 5-days would help you stand out in the crowd!

Benefits of the Program

  • Understand your business data better and be able to generate trends and get insights
  • Take appropriate and faster business decisions which are data driven
  • Increase efficiency and reduce cost for your business / domain
  • Gauge customer internal/external needs and satisfaction
  • Uncover new growth opportunities for the business
  • Diagnose the business problem faster.

Who should attend ?

People with basic to intermediate skill of working with Excel and at following levels in their organizations are suitable candidates:

  • Working professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • Fresh graduates and young professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Professionals


The Program may help you to:

  • 36 Hours of Face to Face sessions
  • More than 50 hours of reading materials
  • Access to TCG Digital white papers on analytics use cases
  • Certification on Data analytics

Course Agenda

Introduction to Analytics
C001 - Review of core statistical component
C002 - Introduction to Exploratory
data analytics
Data handling
D001 - Data preprocessing
D002 - Data quality assessment
D003 - Outlier removal
D004 - Missing value imputation
Regression based modelling
M001 - Linear Regression
M002 - Stepwise regression
M003 - Logistic Regression
Time Series Analysis
M004 - ARIMA class of models
M005 - ARCH models - addressing
Classification and Clustering
M006 - Classification techniques
(Naive Bayesian, SVM, Decision
Trees, Random Forest)
M007 - Clustering techniques
(K-Means, Hierarchical, DBSCAN,
Gaussian mixture models)
Advanced Topics
M008 - Neural Networks and its
M009 - Simulation techniques
M010 - Leveraging Spark and H2O
Final case study
T001 - Case study (End to end
T002 - Visualization & interpretation
of results

Program Schedule
& Contact Person

Location: Mumbai, Gurugram, Kolkata

Face to Face Sessions, 5 days in a week

For details contact
Name: Kaveri Arora
Mobile: 98996 07367

Course Fees:
Special discounts for Jan, Feb, Mar '19