TCG Digital offers architecture consulting and design-build services in the Cloud Application space. Cloud platforms free organizations from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures. Organizations can take advantage of moving from Capex to Opex. Their focus is on business solutions, instead of the technical underpinnings of database, virtualization, infrastructure management, and other IT functions. TCG Digital's cloud-related services help our clients take advantage of the growing ecosystem of private and public cloud platform providers. We assist in migrating existing applications to the cloud.

TCG Digital works with leading PaaS providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, Google, and others. We assist our clients in the following areas:

  1. Application development on the cloud: There is no longer a need to set up DEV and QA servers. Development is less complex within cloud platforms. Infrastructure is used as and when needed. This approach saves cost and improves time-to-market.

  2. Custom cloud-based application development: Take advantage of proven capabilities built by PaaS providers. Architect and develop your application from the ground up.

  3. Application migration to the cloud: Migration of your existing applications to the cloud takes advantage of cost-savings and the elasticity in resource needs.