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The consumer products industry is maturing to a space where the emerging trends of the past few years are now establishing themselves as realities of the marketplace. The empowered consumer is at the centre of and driving directions in a marketplace which is socially connected and extremely discerning. These along with the changing face of retailing and the other pre-existing factors of cost, volatility and globalization are making it imperative for the Consumer Products companies to constantly innovate and reinvent themselves towardssustainability.

In the Indian context,there also exists the additional factor of increased urbanization and the very aspiring rural consumers are showing a continual shift in buying and affinity behaviour. looking for newer channels, shifts in key influencers, increased technological advancements and pervasive communication are changing their spend patterns.

In such a context, our solutions built around analytics, business intelligence, mobility and other strategic application development help businesses achieve the imperative of becoming the brand of choice, discover hitherto unexplored insights and enable decisions leading to competitive advantage.

Our capability of handling structured & unstructured data, discovering relevant insights, ability to integrate numerous mobile & digital devices allows possibilities of a variety ofinnovative &leading-edge solutions for business problems.

Our range of capabilities:

  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data integration & information governance
  • Transformation using handhelds& mobile devices
  • Implantation of Mobile, eCommerce& cloud-ready opensource ERP - OpenBravo
  • Consulting, end-to-end managed project delivery, as-a-Service offerings for ongoing operations