Value-driven sourcing in the Digital Age

TCG Digital has been an integral part of the IT Consulting and Solutions industry for over 17 years. As times changed, so did we. Today we remain in the forefront, as we continue to participate actively in the evolution of the modern technology world.

As our customers work towards building and expanding their digital enterprise, we focus on investing in the right TCG Digital talent and expertise to support them. We strive to drive the digital disruption forward, as we enable our customers to adopt and adapt to modern technologies. Together we achieve current business success while preparing for tomorrow.

We understand that the focus must be on value-driven engagements. That might be in terms of legacy modernization, as we blend the old with the new. We strive for sustainability and optimization of ROI, while we continue with "business as usual".

We have invested in obtaining experience and expertise in areas we perceive will better enable digital enterprises. In most cases, our ability to deliver value at the ground level has helped us create best practices, methodologies, and frameworks. This framework helps our customers leverage these areas for their own success. Our expertise includes Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, Application Lifecycle Management Services (Development and Support), Testing, Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Content Management and Block Chain.