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tcg mcube product launch Mumbai

tcg mcube

tcg mcube is a 360–degree analytics platform built on modern technologies empowering you with:

  • Data Discovery & Relational search
  • Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Ability to deal with Structured & Unstructured Data
  • Pre-built industry-specific use cases as implementation accelerators
  • Impactful Visualizations
  • Powerful self-service capabilities to democratize analytics

TCG Digital launches tcg mcube – end to end analytics platform for the modern enterprise

TCG Digital’s launch event for its end to end analytics platform (tcg mcube) was organized on Oct 11, 2017 in Mumbai and was a huge success. The event attracted participation of close to 100+ guests including 40+ CXOs and distinguished professionals from the industry across sectors.

The occasion provided some great insights that revalidated the positioning of tcg mcube as a platform that accelerates time to value. Industry leaders believe that the biggest challenge decision makers are facing wrt enterprise analytics initiatives is that “It takes too long to get to value”. They also felt that two of the most important criteria to select an enterprise analytics platform are “ease of use/ self-service capability” & “Advanced analytics & ML “

We are glad that the audience revalidated our theme that tcg mcube is well equipped to provide the foundation as a platform of choice for end to end analytics and accelerate time to value for analytics initiatives.

We would like to thank everyone for their support!

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Event Snapshots - Mumbai

Stage Is Set for tcg _mcube Launch Event
Stage is set for tcg mcube launch event
Stage Is Set for tcg _mcube Launch Event
Roopen Roy (Board Member, TCG Digital) delivers the Keynote Address

Stage Is Set for tcg _mcube Launch Event
: Debdas Sen (CEO, TCG Digital) elucidates the value proposition of tcg mcube
Stage Is Set for tcg _mcube Launch Event
Shiksha Surana (Consultant, TCG Digital) demonstrates the power of the platform live!

Stage Is Set for tcg _mcube Launch Event
Souvik Banerjee ( Director-Consulting ) showcases industry use cases to curious minds