With more focus on customer responsiveness and employee productivity, Enterprise Mobility has become one of the critical business imperative to keep any enterprise competitive in today's smart phone enabled world. We offer a portfolio of mobility solutions for the enterprise ensuring agility, helping them leverage existing investments and gain incremental business value.

Strategy and Architecture

We develop a future proof strategy to achieve your enterprise mobility goals and provide a feasible implementation roadmap and design architecture.

Mobility Solutions and Implementation

We develop native mobile application across all operating systems as well as enhancements to your existing applications to satisfy business-specific requirements. Additionally our wide range of ready-to-deploy mobility solutions which can be easily customized and implemented ensures quicker benefits and ROI.

WEDGE, our proprietary enterprise mobility platform with rich features and flexible architecture acts as an accelerator to enable mobility based solutions seamlessly integrated with your IT systems, in a faster and cost effective way. Offered as a traditional or SaaS offering in cloud, WEDGE connects the dots between an Enterprise and all its mobile stakeholders. Anytime. Anywhere.

Some of the ready-to-deploy mobility solutions of TCG Digital include:

Enterprise Mobility for Insurance Industry: One of the key challenges for the Insurance sector is trying to maintain a balance between costs attached to underwriting and claims assessment and processing efficiency which directly impacts client satisfaction levels. Lack of proper assessment during under writing and issuance of the policy and more importantly during claim results in revenue leakage for the company as well as increased turnaround time to the customers.

Our real-time, low bandwidth, video-audio solution empowered by WEDGE – the proprietary mobility platform of TCG Digital, can be customized and integrated with any existing application of your company and ensures quality and effective insurance and claim assessment and makes the process more efficient and productive in a faster and cost-effective way. This can be applied to auto insurance, property insurance as well as cargo and other general insurance services. Download Brochure

M-Commerce solution:Both mobile app and integrated browser based platform for online sales

Sales Information Management solution: Management of sales force across diverse geography and tracking sales, commission and related information

Issue/Complaint Management solution:Automated multi-channel issue management and tracking.

Remote Monitoring (Virtual Expert) solution:Centralized monitoring of remote activities and provide expertise from anywhere anytime via real-time audio-video transmission.

Employee Engagement solution:Employee Platform for Integration and Collaboration (EPIC) to ensure an integrated, engaged and involved workforce enhancing productivity and efficiencies.