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Materials Consumption Analysis

Material consumption for jobs such as fault repair, new connection setup, network reorganization & special maintenance has a significant cost implication. For reducing or controlling the cost, benchmarks were needed along with an expectation around the amount of materials likely to be consumed.

Our solution derives the relation between various jobs vs materials consumed and identifies benchmarks for each category. Actual material consumption and cost are then tracked and compared with the expected costs and higher consumption cases are highlighted for review.


Business Performance Analytics

The goal was to create strategic, tactical and operational dashboards reporting relevant KPIs. The dashboards covered multiple areas of operations such as Billing, Maintenance, Customer Calls, Regional Offices, Procurement, etc. Daily and monthly business summary dashboards were created for executives reporting key KPIs such as average restoration time for power cuts, number of new connections per day, customer complaints, money realized from theft cases, loss ratio, etc. The dimensions included time, district type, consumer type, and type of connection.


Analytics to Reduce Repetitive Customer Calls

The solution helps reduce repetitive customer calls within a fixed time interval. It analyses customer call details to identify the root cause of repetitive calls. Addressing the root cause significantly reduces the number of calls and also leads to improved customer satisfaction.


Analytics for Loss Control Cell

The solution reduces non-technical losses by identifying fraudulent customers. Consumption patterns are analysed across different cohorts and anomalous consumption is tracked for an identified cohort to arrive at the probability to determine whether a particular customer is fraudulent.


Call Grouping Analytics

Multiple customer calls are locked in the event of a power failure, fault or fuse related problems. The root cause of multiple calls may be the same and solving a single issue may lead to the closure of multiple calls.

Our solution groups multiple calls based on intelligence derived from historical call data and geographical proximity data. Grouping enables the optimal use of service technicians on the ground. This enables cost savings and increases customer satisfaction since the strategy taken may ensure that calls with larger impacts are prioritized.


Analytics to Reduce Customer Visits to Regional Offices

Our solution helps to achieve the goal to reduce the number of walk-in customers by proactively identifying customers with a high propensity to walk in. Such proactive identification will help the client to send proactive messages to these customers or guide them to relevant online systems. KPIs reported include the number of complaints reported by physical visit as a percentage of the total number of complaints. The objective is to drive down this ratio by diverting physical traffic to channels such as call centers. This leads to a reduction in the customer care cost.